2012 at a glance: no regrets

31 Dec

mimosaIt’s a New Year Eve and I can’t hold my excitement.

That is not exactly true. I guess it’s a line that normal people would use to describe their evening while waiting for a clock to strike midnight.  I hear people describing their perfect NYE celebrations and I truly wonder: what would be a perfect NYE celebration to me? Honestly, I don’t know! I don’t even know if I care. Yes, I have to admit the pressure that comes from all those movies, where everyone screams “Happy New Year” (and then kisses one another), people I know or even from the new (impersonal) means of communication (more like social means of destruction) makes me almost feel guilty for not caring enough but I did try to celebrate like everyone else (and failed), so give me a break. It’s just not meant to be I guess. I will be celebrating at home, wearing my favourite sweat pants, eating home-made food and drinking lots of mimosas.

That being said I think it’s time to review my last year resolution (New Year Resolution 2012). It was the first (and probably the last) time I got one and frankly it doesn’t matter how many of those resolutions I achieved. Although, I did not go to Cuba or exercised more (yeah, who was I kidding with that one…), I achieved the most important goals and had a great year overall. I did not fall in love, learned new things about myself, helped others and most importantly freed my heart from hatred.

I am generally never happy with myself, my life, people I am with and lots of other things…basically, I could be categorized as an unhappy person. However, I think first time in my life I actually said (more like wrote) I had a great year and I am thankful for that. Of course, things could always be better but I spent the whole year in Canada without anyone to support me there and survived, got a great job that I truly enjoyed, made a lot of new friends, visited New York city and then celebrated my birthday and Christmas at home, which I haven’t done in a long time. These little things make me happy when I think about them. What is important to note is that I saw the opportunity and I took it. I was brave enough to step out of my comfort zone and achieve things I never dreamed of. I am happy to have become this brave, independent woman who is not scared of challenges.

I think now I am ready to see what 2013 has got to offer for me. Maybe a great love, better career opportunities or a move to a new country… I know that whatever happens to me I will be fine. And so will you. We can always find the good even in the worst situations.

My 2013 resolution is to become happier and to try let more people into my heart. That’s all! I’ve learned it’s best to keep it short and simple.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful year!




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