The “twenty-something” crisis

20 Nov

Young, single, with money to blow and your whole life ahead of you – that’s how some people would describe the amazing twenties. Social awkwardness is left behind and there is a promise of great things to come. But instead of living it up, a growing number of twenty-somethings are having a little crisis and I am no exception.

The twenty-something crisis can be defined as “the state of simultaneously wishing to be old (and therefore taken seriously in steps along the career path), coupled with intermittent pangs for a quickly disappearing youth.” But that is not the only problem in the twenty-something crisis of these days. The transition to adulthood today is a much more complex, prolonged process than it was for our parents or even grandparents.

Too many expectations?

I think we are all faced with somewhat of an “expectations hangover” these days. You look at your job and it’s not even close to what you thought you would be doing, or if you are still looking for a job like many others these days (thank you, financial crisis, very much indeed!) you realize that despite your best efforts, skills obtained via a number of summer internships, language knowledge and a polished résumé you are still going to have to fight for that job with thousand of others in a more-tough-than- ever job market, and if you are lucky start at the very bottom.

You may feel anxious as well because, presumably, you are faced with a wide range of opportunities and you are unsure of how to choose from among them. Questions of ”who am I, what do I want and how do I get it?” have become a sad reality of your life. So, who are we? I think I can answer that. We are people stuck in our twenties who have come to a final realization that it is probably not going to be the way we expected. The harsh reality check…

Good-bye childhood!

A few days ago I found out that my neighbour and a childhood friend is moving out. I am not exactly sure why it really hit me since it’s not like he’s moving to the moon or another country (to be more realistic) but I suddenly realized that this is it…we all have grown up! Or at least we should have grown up by now. We are in our twenties already and silly games played on the streets should really be left behind as a childhood memory. Once I moved back from Canada to my parents’ home due to my unexpected visa situation (see previous posts), I found myself trapped in a situation where I was not sure whether I was still a child (I really thought life at home would be the same!) or an adult.

I find it hard to say good-bye to my childhood friends, memories and everything else that relates to me being an irresponsible child. After all, why should we give up on what makes us happy? Although, does it really make us happy? I am not sure anymore…it’s just nice to hold on to something: whether it’s going to be your childhood memory or a friend from the past.

Should I get serious about my relationships already?!

Here is another story of my life. Everyday when I log in to my Facebook, I see that someone just got engaged, married or even gave a birth to a baby! I have reached a point, where people have actually started getting serious about their love lives. And I mean why wouldn’t you get serious about it if you have found the one?!

On the other note it saddens me. I keep telling people I am young, single and…fabulous (a quote from the Sex & the City) but I am not going to lie – all those happy/engaged/married couples are starting to worry me! And let me be clear with you – I never ever wanted to get married in the first place (I just don’t believe in a marriage concept), but out of the sudden I have this strong desire to get settled down, not necessarily to get married per se but well…at least to be in a normal, healthy relationship, which I have not had for a while (that’s another part, I am not a relationship person either). In other words, I just want to belong to a crowd, a twenty-something crowd that is getting serious about their love lives.

You are not alone

As much as I like to complain, I have to say that we possibly still have more than 30 years or so to get that perfect job, the man or woman of your dreams and have a second childhood (they say that once you get really old you act like a child again and everyone just goes with it!). After all, we ALL are in our best of times and our worst of times, trying as hard as we can to figure this whole thing out…




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