New Home or Do you believe in Fate?

12 Nov

Liberty Village - my neighbourhood

Liberty Village – my neighborhood

Believe it or not I am writing this post from my NEW home! Finally, I’ve moved from the suburb to Toronto city and I cannot tell  you how happy (or excited) I am right now. It’s been more than two months since I started my searches… I guess good things are worth waiting for!?

It all happened a week ago. After all those last-minute cancellations on the scheduled viewings, people not responding to my e-mails and rooms without windows/doors (yes, it is not always included in the rent!) – I felt completely desperate thinking I’d never be able to find a decent place in Toronto. And then, there was one of those days when I was going to the coffee house to a regular meeting, yet this time I took a streetcar which brought me to a new street. I was walking down that street and then stopped and looked around…there was a stadium close by, a few little stores, restaurants and apartments above those. The thing what I am about to say is going to sound crazy but you try to live all by yourself for a few months and then you’ll realize I am not crazy at all. So, like usually, I kind of talked to myself in my head and what I said was: ‘I’d like to live here!’. I repeated it for  a couple of times and felt like in one of those stupid (question mark) movies there people’s wishes become true…all you need is to wish for something really hard! And that is what happened to me. The next day, I decided to renew my advertisement (looking for a place type of ad) on one of those ad-based websites (see my first post) and after 5 minutes I received an e-mail offering me a place on exactly the same street where I secretly made a wish! The rest of the story you already know. I just moved in!!

Was it fate that brought me here? Or was it something else? Coincidence? Maybe.  I used to be very skeptical when people talked about fate; if you read ‘About Me’ tab on my blog, you’d actually see what I think about fate: ‘Don’t sit back and let Fate take control of you. You get up and make Fate work for You.‘ Is it right to say that it was one of those situations when I made Fate to work for Me?  If you counted hours spent on browsing through the ads – then yes, if you, on the other hand, looked for the actual physical efforts – maybe not.  That makes me wonder…Do you believe in Fate? Or do you think that it is all in your hands to make certain things happen?

I’d better go and start unpacking my stuff…and then maybe go out for a drink or two… to finally explore what Toronto’s nightlife has got to offer! If you’re lucky, you will be reading stories from that, too!


(Not Homeless) G.


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