How to sell yourself?

19 Oct

As you may have already noticed from my previous post (Looking for accommodation in Toronto), room hunting is a tough experience here. It’s like a jungle! Or, as I put it once, it’s like a bookshop where you’re either a best seller or you’re out of the shelves!

People don’t even bother taking pictures of the place being offered, writing an explicit description or describing themselves anymore…they know that if you’re not going to take it – someone else will! Places get rented out in a day or two, good places get rented out literally in an hour or two (true story) and that’s how things work here.

On the other hand, there are those picky renters, who were described in my previous post, who do have specific needs (or should I say requirements) and it’s either you fall into their category or not. They’re straightforward with their requirements though, so at least that’s not a problem.

Yet, there is one thing what unites them all. They ALL want to know about YOU (i.e. me). In fact, they not only ask you to provide information about yourself but they also hold the right of judging you according to their own personal ‘standards‘ in order to see whether you deserve a reply or not.

It’s like a blind dating except for the fact that there is only one blind person involved. What does it take to be a best seller when it comes to a room hunting? I guess if I had the answer I would not be writing this post. Apparently, being easygoing, friendly, social AND tidy is not enough these days. Having a few decent hobbies, such as photography, movies, traveling or even cooking (which I used to think would look like a bonus point for most of the people) is not enough either.

It makes me wonder; do we actually need to fake our lives/career choices or even hobbies and make them look less normal but more special? Let’s say, if I worked as a personal masseuse and one of my hobbies was ‘practicing massage skills on my friends’ – would I get more replies than I do get now?

I will leave you with these thoughts for now…




4 Responses to “How to sell yourself?”

  1. Zara October 19, 2011 at 2:31 pm #

    Worth a try 😛

  2. Guest October 19, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

    I think it depends on the country’s culture. In Lithuania you just have to be “normal” (which is extremely suitable for me!), while as you say, in great white north you have to be different and show your individuality. To my mind, being “different” has become so popular, that people are “faking” that they are different. “Being different” found its way to the masses and became actual pop culture. I think, that being nice, honest, friendly, open hearted and a great cook is a perfect combination for a roommate, bearing in mind the hot legs – it’s a killed combination 😉

    • pioneeringventures October 19, 2011 at 2:56 pm #

      ‘bearing in mind the hot legs’ – I am looking for a room, not for new shoes or a skirt!! Ah if I just lived in Lithuania…pretty sure you would take me as you roommie, wouldn’t you?! 🙂

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